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About Ulster Distributions

Ulster Distributions is an independently owned and family run business based in Brisbane.

We pride ourselves on service and our close working relationships within retail and on premise trade. Our portfolio features many well known Australian owned brands and since March 2021 we have worked closely with Brisbane wine distributors Lock Stock and Barrel that has enabled us to offer more great deals and products to our customers across SE Queensland and further afield.

Andrew Power (Company Owner) pictured left has many years experience in the Liquor industry and has previously worked with many globally recognised liquor brands.

The SevenZeroEight Gin Collection founded by International sportsman, Shane Warne, is produced in Western Australia with the finest botanicals and offers an award-winning classic dry gin, a reserve gin and mid-strength, low calorie gin and premix cans.

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Ulster’s craft beer partners “Helios Brewing Company” successfully launched “Dionysus 2021” at Chu the Phat Melbourne Street Brisbane.

Rusty Mutt McLaren Vale Wines

Winemaking is (and should be) a very personal process. The choices in style and direction during the process are almost limitless, so personality plays an enormous role in the way the finished wine looks in the bottle. Winemaker Scott Heidrich was born in the year of the ‘Metal Dog’ according to Chinese astrology. The Metal Dog quickly became Rusty Mutt and the unique personality traits of Winemaker Scott Heidrich describe the wines we make.




David Franz wines

When I finally came home to the Barossa, the desire to make wine was burning bright. Peter (my father) in his wisdom set me to work as a labourer in our vineyards. As he put it, “first you have to understand where wine is really made”. Through experience and great mentors, my knowledge and passion for our vines has grown. I now manage the family’s Stelzer and Stonewell Hill vineyards (around 75 acres). Carte blanche in the vineyards has allowed for a focus on producing fruit of the highest quality, without compromising for the sake of yields. In real terms it means that I produce my wines from the vine to the bottle. Pruning is where the journey starts, not just when the grapes are picked and arrive at the winery. As you may have gathered, I am very passionate about the fruit I produce and wines I make. You can savour my wines in the knowledge that they have been nurtured first for a year on the vines then crafted for a few months in the winery before 4 years maturation in wood and the bottle. Each bottle of wine is carefully hand printed and wrapped before being placed in a hand printed carton then sent out into the wide world to find their way to you.
David Franz Lehmann


Churchview Estate

In 1999, father and son, Spike and Raymond Fokkema, established Church view and built it up from the ground. The property was selected for its ideal and fertile gravelly loam soils, ample clean water and north facing slopes. The 100ha estate has over the early years, accumulated a total of 56ha of vines, growing 16 different varieties. Churchview pride themselves on cultivating, crafting and cherishing the land, the grapes and the wines. As stewards of the land, Churchview has worked hard to transform the conventionally operated farm, to a fully organically operated vineyard. After 15 years Churchview gained the certification in 2020.

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Welcome to the world of Vero, where 'fine cocktails' means taking the pleasure in the small things.
Vero has created the perfect recipe for the classic Negroni that can be enjoyed without any mixing, simply pour, garnish and serve. Whether you’re at home, at a family gathering, or a picnic with friends, the Vero Negroni will always make you a world class cocktail with a simple pour.

Staple Drinks

Staple started with three close mates who once lived for the weekend. It wasn’t just the get togethers filled with mediocre banter, outrageous party shirts and banging tunes that got us excited…it was that first sip. The one that everyone shares a glance over. You know the one.At around the 10-year mark of religiously worshiping this first sip, we noticed two things;#1. A lot of craft beers started tasting the same#2. Our bodies weren’t as forgiving as they once were, and these beers were catching up on us.We needed a solution to save our taste buds, and more importantly, our rigs.We needed a new Staple drink.So, here we are. we’ve created drinkS that taste unreal and that represent a new normal.We’re using the concept of the classic RTD, but with a twist. A healthy, convenient twist. Putting the staple mixes you know and love into a can, we’re hell-bent on delivering a quality, delicious beverage and epic memories.Made to be shared with mates, staple is more than just a drink. It’s a change.

We love our town - even though it’s probably the worst place in Australia to make beer. The temperature is too hot (or too cold) and the freight is killer. But we do it anyway. Why? Why not. This is Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

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